Canvas prints - clouds

Paintings depicting the sky evoke many emotions. Bright, sunny clouds allow us to calm down and drift away with our thoughts to pleasant moments. On the other hand, dark, stormy clouds arouse anxiety, but at the same time they stimulate imagination and creativity. Check out the various proposals that we have prepared in our collection. 

Canvas prints - clouds
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Canvas prints - clouds

Sky on wall decorations

The sky plays a very important role for many painters. Even if it is not the main subject of the work, it helps to build the atmosphere. "Starry Night Sky" is a painting by Van Gogh which is one of the most famous works showing the night sky. Although it does not reproduce reality, it has delighted viewers for years, inspiring and stimulating their imagination. The painting of the “Starry Night Sky” has become a permanent part of art history and has led many subsequent artists to be inspired by the way Van Gogh depicted the stars glittering in the sky.

A huge palette of colors and styles of the sky on wall paintings

We have chosen many images of the sky in order to present to our customers the whole palette of colors and styles. Often the sky is just a background for flying birds, landscapes or scenes with people in the main role. However, it always plays an important role and determines the mood of particular images. The sky somehow towers over everything, and clouds can obscure it or let the sun illuminate the scene with its rays. Paintings with the sky and clouds work well in homes, offices, or commercial spaces. The ones in bright colors provide a soft, neutral background for other elements in the interior.