Self-adhesive vinyl tiles

Discover our wide range of vinyl tiles, which combine modern design and unmatched functionality to become the perfect choice for any interior. With around 400 fashionable designs available, our vinyl tiles offer not only exceptional durability and ease of installation thanks to the self-adhesive backing, but also unlimited decorative possibilities. Whether you're looking for an elegant finish for the wall or a practical solution for the floor, our vinyl tiles will meet your needs, adding style and character to any room. We invite you to browse our collection and discover the countless possibilities that vinyl tiles offer to transform your interior.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles
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Self-adhesive vinyl tiles

Innovative vinyl tiles - technology and design in your home

Our vinyl tiles are the quintessential innovation in interior design, combining high quality materials with the latest design trends. Each tile, with a standard size of 30 x 30 cm, is made of durable vinyl, which ensures long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. What distinguishes our products is, firstly, the wealth of designs - from classic elegance to avant-garde designs, our tiles offer unprecedented design possibilities. In addition, thanks to their self-adhesive surface, their installation is extremely simple and fast, which is a significant advantage over traditional tiles that require glue. Compared to traditional solutions, vinyl tiles offer a number of advantages: they are resistant to moisture (they are not designed for areas with direct contact with water, such as showers), making them an ideal choice for kitchens or bathrooms, easy to clean and maintain, and allergy-friendly. They don't require complicated substrate preparation or long waits for the adhesive to dry. These aspects make our vinyl tiles not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, which you can easily adapt to your individual style and needs.

Interior makeover - discover the possibilities of PVC tiles

With vinyl tiles the transformation of your home becomes not only possible, but also extremely simple and economical. These self-adhesive solutions are the ideal way to quickly and effectively change interiors without having to pay a lot of money. PVC tiles are perfect for places where you want to add a touch of character - whether as an elegant wall above the countertop in the kitchen, a practical finish in the bathroom, or a durable and easy-to-maintain floor in the hallway or kitchen. In addition, thanks to their durability and ease of cleaning, they are also ideal for a kids room, where frequent play can challenge traditional finishing materials.

But that's not all. Vinyl tiles are also an excellent choice for unusual places, such as alcoves, columns or even furniture, where they can add unique style or refresh the look without the need for a complete overhaul. Thanks to the ease of installation, self-adhesive tiles allow you to experiment with a variety of patterns and colors, making it possible for anyone to feel like a real interior designer, creating a space that perfectly suits their own tastes and needs.